An open letter to PSU students

Penn State 39, No. 24 Northwestern 28

Dear Students,

I’ve noticed where you guys have written some open letters to alumni before big games telling us what to wear and pleading for noise – the most recent being this year’s Ohio State game.

I have to admit I like the idea so I’m returning the favor as we head into the final two games of the season.

First of all, let me just say that I love you guys. I spent more years than I care to remember sneaking back into the student section so I can stand and yell the whole game without being told to sit down. I did it until it was just way too obvious that I didn’t belong there and retreated to my regular season ticket seats where I’ve had to deal with people four rows back telling me to sit down. Ugh.

The point is – I am one of you guys – just older.

So I must say that I’ve read with a mix of concern and despair that many of you have decided you won’t be at the Indiana and Wisconsin games because you’re going to go home and – gulp – stay home.

As I said earlier, I admire you. You’re the best student section in the country for a reason.

We – that is, the rest of the stadium – need you in there. We need your energy. We need your enthusiasm.

You are the heart and soul of a Penn State football game in Beaver Stadium.

More importantly, however, than us – this football team needs you. This group of players needs you.

We’ve watched all year the love affair that you have with this football team and it has with you.

They feed off you. You are their collective pulse on game days.

Obviously, you don’t owe anybody anything, but I’d like to make a plea.

I certainly don’t need to tell you what this university has been through over the last year. Hell, this week alone you’ve had to deal with idiotic statements like complaining about the blown call at Nebraska shows the football program should’ve been shut down. And then the holier-than-thou NCAA took all PSU merchandise off its website and called it a “glitch” – yeah okay.

You’ve suffered through it all first-hand. I admire how you’ve handled yourselves. You have been a beacon for all of us.

These players have also been as good as representatives as this university can put forth.

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