Wildcat Weekly Wrap

Welcome to the Wildcat Weekly Wrap (WWW). After a 1-week hiatus, we’re back to review the top stories around K-State sports this week.

The story of the week was the astounding punishment handed down to Penn State by the NCAA in the wake of the Sandusky abuse scandal. The NCAA ruled that the “football first” culture at Penn State played a part in the decision to cover up the heinous crimes of Sandusky. As such, they unleashed unprecedented punishments on Penn State.

In more negative football news this week, K-State recruit Marquez Clark failed to qualify and it was announced that he will not be attending K-State. Clark was the Wildcat’s top-rated receiver and would have brought with him all the promise of past JUCO transfers like Quincy Morgan and Darnell McDonald. On the other hand, the Wildcats have two excellent receivers in Chris Harper and Tyler Lockett in an offense that is geared toward the run. While K-Staters everywhere bemoaned their bad fortune, you have to feel for Clark, who missed an opportunity to work under a coach who has a history of masterfully preparing JUCO transfers for careers in football.

This week it was officially announced that K-State senior guard Jeremy Jones will be leaving the basketball team. Jones saw spotty playing time last year and likely made the decision in anticipation of limited playing time again under new coach Bruce Weber.

The Olympics are underway and Kstatesports.com released a story about the record number of Wildcats participating in the games. Stay tuned to Jug Of Snyder throughout the Olympics as we follow our athletes as they represent our nation.

Thursday saw Jug Of Snyder humor columnist, Brady Bauman, being very thankful for the rain that fell the previous day. His deity of choice is, of course, Tefnut, an ancient Egyptian goddess.

Finally, on Friday JOS’s own Danna Voegeli published a story about the recent success of the K-State Athletics Department. Long story short: It’s a good time to be a Wildcat. Danna’s story is full of interesting insight into the methods leading to the brightest period in K-State sports.

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