Thursday offseason one-liners

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Meandering our way through the offseason minutia, a lone one-liner at a time…

– The Daily Oklahoman makes the case for Oklahoma State to unveil its version of the “Belldozer” package with J.W. Walsh.

Baltimore Sun: Eileen Edsall, wife of Maryland football coach, stands by her man.

– The fact that Hugh Freeze has been a “magician” throughout his coaching career should serve him well at Ole Miss.

– The Centre Daily Times writes that Penn State should forget Pitt, play West Virginia in football instead.

– At least for now, the state of Kansas “seems to be as important as anything” in head coach Charlie Weis‘ recruiting philosophy.

– Wide receiver Darren Waller gives an update on how Georgia Tech’s summer workouts are progressing.

– Headed into camp, East Carolina has a bit of a crowd at the quarterback position.

Anderson Independent Mail: Clemson looking to balance 2013 recruiting class with skill-position firepower.

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